गुरू शिष्य बंधन


कभी उंगली पकड़कर बढ़ाते हैं कामयाबी की ओर कदम, तो कभी कमियाँ बता कर बन जाते हैं क्रिटिक|

कई रूप हैं शिक्षक के, अपने समर्पित रवैये से गुरु तराश देते हैं हीरे और निखार देते हैं चमक|

सीखना ना आता था,

शिष्य होने की कला ना आती थी,

पक्षपात और नकारात्मकता से घिरे थे हम,

फिर हमें गुरू मिले

और फिर शुरू हुआ नवनिर्माण

आपने दिशा दी, विश्वास जगाया

आपने पंख दिये और उड़ने के लिए

उन्मुक्त आकाश

आपने जीवन के हर पहलू को

हँस कर जीना सिखाया |


यह कविता  गुरू शिष्य परंपरा के गरिमापूर्ण बंधन को समर्पित है |

यह उन अनगिनत बेनाम लोगों का भी आभार प्रकट करती है जो यूं ही हमे  ट्रेन, बस, लाइब्रेरी में

राह चलते मिल जाते हैं और जाने अनजाने कुछ ना कुछ सिखा जाते हैं |

दीपा द्वारा लिखित


A Big Heart and a Small Wish is All You Need

This dates back to March 8th this year, when I saw this little kid again in my street. He had earlier helped me find way to my pg when I was new to this city and since then, he nods at me with a smile every morning when I walk to office. Bangalore is lush with people who stay and sleep on roads. He was one among the many and used to sell corn in the streets to meet his needs.

What attracted me the most to him was his face which resembled that of my youngest brother who lived abroad and had not been to India for 7 years. He possessed the same charm and innocence!

After a few days, I felt like talking to him and so I stopped to buy a cup of corn and initiate a conversation. I asked him which class he studied in and he told me he studied till 7th after which his brother called him to help him with work in the city. I was curious if he wanted to study again, to which, coy faced he replied “Didi my brother won’t let me even think of it. Its a long story. You enjoy the corn and tell me, did I make it good?” He kept a smile intact all this time.

It broke my heart! A child of age similar to my baby brother has been creeping in streets and losing his most wonderful days by selling corn instead of being in school-learning and enjoying.

With a heavy heart, I headed back to my room. I wanted to do something for him, as most of us want to and yet, I did not. Or is it that I did not want to? Because we all want to make a change in this society and everyday we meet such people who seek this change and yet we don’t do a thing.

I have always wanted misery for the poor to end. And I always dreamt of making it true someday. Yet whenever I pass these people, all I have in my heart is sympathy and not action. I feel Society does not demand sympathy. It asks for somebody to get up and take a stand for the change. Just a big heart is all that is needed!

That day I could have told his brother that I was willing to contribute some amount every month if he let him study along work, or spared an hour everyday to teach him, or I could have searched for a government scheme that provides education to kids like these.

But that day, I just thought that I probably didn’t have the time and strength for all of this.

But again as I said, society doesn’t need masqueraders like us, just someone with a big heart and a small wish to stand up and make the world a better place.

Contributed by Simran Mittu

Image from i-India

The Taste of Responsibility

The (Wo)man Above is a colourful creator . S/He has Brains , s/he uses Beauty , has an intellect and a bank of thinking genes.The number of skeletons created by Her/Him are replicas but surprisingly the souls in them are all different. Lest different situations could not be survived with the same soul.Its the planned move of destiny that she throws lots of people on the red velvet and makes them a ” getter”, a ” user ” , a “receiver” without being a ” giver” or a “doer “. And yet others are placed by her on the rugged roads of life with crowns of responsibilities on them.

The day you rise up with a smile and move out in your best clothes on your palatial moving deck of status and you look out through the windows at the red light, and you see your frock/ your trousers / your any amiable dress acting as a body cover for a tiny creature. Its the same dress that you would have received on a Birthday and had been expelled from your wardrobe the day after for a ‘sauce’ stain…and wonder – Who owned the dress better?

A girl at a tender age carrying her younger brother donates that ONLY ice-cream given to her, which we had dumped in anger when we didn’t think the taste was much to our liking. That one particular lick lolly is the entire feast for that tender blossom but like a princess she smilingly puts it into her brother’s mouth. A content little one..smiling…as she packs up the hunger of heart and brain.”

Has destiny played its part here ? In wrapping us with the red velvet ?

Are we too busy using the benefits ?

No! No! We do write quotes and flood up social sites. We know. We just don’t follow.

Dene wale kisi ko gareebi na de maut dede magar bdnaseebi na de ! “But are we done with all this? ‘ Dene wala ‘ has given everything but ‘ We’ the ‘ Lene walas ‘ have we done our parts ? Have we ever put our giver caps on ? Have we ever shared things ? Have we ever realized our Moral Science lessons ? Have we ever bought someone a pair of shoes?The crown of responsibilities is so heavy and its realization is heavier. That’s the reason we have been ‘thrown’ and they have been ‘placed ‘.

Wear THE CROWN OF DUTIES and taste THE SWEETEST TASTE OF RESPONSIBILITY, Friends, before it’s too late.

Contributed by Sarvesh Jonwal