Louder Than Ever Before!

Talking about Mental Health this month, let’s dig deeper and introspect if we have ever been a reason for hurting someone’s mental or emotional well-being.

Though no one would like to align themselves with it but let’s all agree to this, that yes, we have all been a partner in crime especially when we talk of body shaming. People tend to lose their emotional peace because over and over they are being reminded of their “fat” or “skinny” bodies by the society.These people loose their confidence,and their faith in themselves, just because other people do not find them perfect!

This is the song of a girl who tries to give herself another chance to come out of the perception of others and live life her own way..





She was a song full of melancholy

And her face full of chaos, a relentless soul!

Someone she wanted,

Who would pick her fragments

And put her together,

So the storms in her be calmed,

So the voices in her head be mollified!

Robbed off by the life, she tried to distant everyone.

‘Cause Enough,she had been through, enough,she was told –

About her looks,

Being ‘unappealing’ and


So this time, she wanted to run

And run for herself, to a place far away-

Where she would start to see her little beauty that lied deep down,

And hear the poem of her breaths, that would soothe her soul,

And where she would envisage a perfect man, and a perfect love story,

Without anyone telling her that this, wasn’t for her.

And that she, wasn’t for it.

All this while she remained lost,

Trying to fight the demons, but in her head.

But this time,

She wanted to come out as a warrior

And fight, fight life!

For this time she wanted to show them that she

Was perfectly happy being the myriad of imperfections

That this time she won’t be guided by the dusk and the moon

But make her own way through the sunlight

That this time,

She wont let her voice being muffled by the masses

But rise,

Defying all the odds

And Roar,

Louder than ever before!

Contributed by Simran Mittu

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