Logic and religious belief

Through the ages logic has been applied to validate religion. The process is nothing but a cunning conspiracy to befool common men. Religion is nothing but a trap used by some power seeking fanatics. In creating this trap they sometimes try to fit logic in it. Religion and logic are two binary ideas. Most of the time we see the clash between the two; be it the assassination of Copernicus, be it the imprisonment of Galileo. In denying them freedom to their opinions, the religious superiors invented a logic that suited their own narrative. Again when Darwin came with his magnum opus, the whole notion of Christianity became fragile. Thus new scientific discoveries gradually murdered the superficiality of religion.

Use of logic is often seen to impose certain ideas of religion. Example can be drawn from contemporary claims. Instances from epics are compared to new age technologies; pushpak rath and aeroplane is a good example. Sometimes some baseless logic is so imbued with culture that revolutionary steps to come out of it is denied by the common mass. For instance, majority of Kerala’s women are against Sabarimala Verdict.

Someone once told me that the different Avatars of Vishnu portray different phases of evolution. Thus sometimes far fetched ideas are put together to prove superiority of one particular religion. I also believe in religion, but that religion is of mankind where no superficial logic is required to prove its existence.

An opinion voiced by Ishita Mandal

on ‘Can logic be used to prove religious belief?’

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