To cut a long story short

owl-reading-vector-clipartWords are getting shorter and our attention even more so. Perhaps technology is to blame, but what good has ever come out of blaming someone/something without doing your own bit to correct it. Long emails tire us, long WhatsApp messages are ignored – shorter and crisper the text, happier we are reading it. It’s all fun and games, until you need someone else to read your text

Sit down to write a page and you realize that neither your mind or your hand supports your endeveours as easily as the last time you tried.

Perhaps the same can be said for finding that elusive hour or two on a Sunday – to do nothing but sit and stare blankly outside a window. As we grow older, we appreciate that however, its even more required at an age when you’re taking life decisions and trying to figure out how you want to live your life and shape it. Sometimes reading a relaxed, spaced out story helps – it calms down the tumultuous rush in your mind and actions to meet a deadline. Writing your thoughts out help the same way.

I’m all for reading on the internet (such as this blog!) however, I find that with multiple windows open often I don’t finish what I started, even if it’s a 1000 – 1500 words text. On the phone, there are messages being constantly flashed begging for attention. Life is fast-paced and everyone/everything seems to want attention right here and now. Ignoring is hard when your work involves a fair bit of the internet.

Therefore, I’m revisiting my olden days by picking up some books. These baby steps towards a calmer (rest of my) life are going to begin with the collection by skillful masters of short story writing. If you, too, do the same then share your thoughts with me.

contributed by Tapasya